Full mouth rehabilitations treat the entire mouth comprehensively in order to restore beauty, function, and comfort.

Tooth wear, gum disease, decay, acid erosion, malformation, and trauma are just a few of the conditions that may require such comprehensive dentistry. This requires the dentist to have thorough knowledge and an ability to incorporate all the disciplines of dentistry.

The mouth is incredibly complex: the teeth, soft tissues and temporomandibular joints must be in harmony to work properly. When any one part of the system begins to break down, it affects all the others. However, with proper treatment, it is usually possible to reestablish harmony and give you back a beautiful smile that will last.

Here are just a couple of the many full mouth rehabilitations we've done in our office.

In this case, 24 crowns were done to correct years of wear and to also overcome some discolored teeth and mismatched crowns.

Close up before and after view


Here is another patient that had years of wear and acid erosion which was corrected by crowning 18 teeth.


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